“I’m so happy with the results! The best thing of all is that I don’t even think about food anymore. I don’t have to worry about what I’ll have next and whether I’ll have enough. It doesn’t control me anymore. I’m so grateful and happy!”
AC, After 4 sessions for: Weight Loss/Eating Issues

“I’m amazed at how different I feel! I’ve been completely in control of my eating!”
HL, After 1 session for: Weight Loss/Overeating

“After my [first] session, I left thinking, how could that really do anything?
But the next few days were heaven. My food obsession is gone. It doesn’t control me now.”

IW, After 1 session for: Weight Loss/Eating Issues

“I was amazed that I actually quit after one session! I just feel different and don’t feel any desire to smoke anymore.”
LR, After 1 session for: Smoking

“Overall, I’m doing really well. Have been eating half of what I usually eat. I love feeling in control.”
VO, After 2 sessions for: Weight Loss

“I feel so good about myself now because I can control it [eating].
Whenever I’m full now, I like feeling that full is uncomfortable and I don’t feel the need to overeat.”

MK, After 3 sessions for: Weight Loss

“It’s so nice to not have to feel ashamed or embarrassed anymore around my family.”
CM, After 1 session for: Smoking

“It worked! And I’m so happy! I used to feel like I was a slave to cigarettes. Now it feels so good to be free. And I’m so excited about the money I’m saving!”
JB, After 2 sessions for: Smoking

“I’m doing great! It seems to have worked well for helping me get up in every morning, and stay motivated.”
LM, After 1 session for: Self-esteem/Motivation

“It’s clearly helping. I’ve had a much easier time controlling myself.”
WF, After 1 session for: Weight Loss/Overeating

“I’ve been feeling great! I definitely feel different about my life. The anxiety isn’t there anymore.”
PS, After 2 sessions for: Sadness/Anxiety

“I noticed a difference right away. I was able to remember that I can control myself around food. It’s much easier now.”
JK, After 1 session for: Eating Issues

“Amazing, I no longer crave sugary foods. What a change!”
AF, After 1 session for: Eating Issues

“I can’t believe it! I feel so much happier and much more calm.”
CV, After 2 sessions for: Anxiety

“I’m sleeping much better now. I’ve been able to fall asleep easily and usually stay asleep through the whole night.”
BB, After 1 session for: Insomnia